Tuesday, July 04, 2006

check yr pockets!

Don't ever forget to check your pockets when you do the wash.

Yesterday morn, I was rocking the washing m'cheen. True, I heard quite a few more "clumks" than usual, but didn't think much of it.

Wash cycle: clumk clumk.. spin cycle: clumk clumk..

Rinse cycle: clumk clumk.. spin cycle: clumk clumk..

Opened up the m'cheen and starting throwing the clothes in the dryer. And then three blocks away they could hear my bloodcurdling wail:

Now all nice, clean and shiny -- with foggy windows: my cellphone!!!

So, I went and bought a new phone, with the intention of returning it for a refund once I figger out how to make my phone run again. There was me at Binulatti's barbeque, pulling apart my phone so it could air out in the sun. OK, so I was a little obsessed. But then I put it back together again, but no action. No power, nuthin'.

In my frustration, it was just about to become the pallino ball in our game of bocce, but something held me back.

So, anyway, today, back at work.. I put the new battery in to see it would come back to life. Would it still miraculously still have my address book? Turned on the power. And it.. well.. there was some power! Did it work? Welll.....

I guess if I need something that vibrates and has an illuminated (yet blank) display, then yeah it works. Not much good as a phone however.

Maybe it'll work tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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