Saturday, June 17, 2006

history of dutch comics

Just discovered this great website of Dutch comics,

And it sorta dawned on me.

For my money: there are cartoonists. and then there's cartoonists with issues. and THEN there's cartoonists that are Dutch.

click through the many sordid eras here.

the 40's war years cartoons are amazing.. the absurbist takes on hitler are at first jarring, then funny, then jarring again. Like this one with the caption reading:

"Uncle Brommy, with his funny hat and the wheel-of-adventure on his arm, puts his arm up between the mosquitos."

It's all pretty uniformly crazy stuff.... here's of the more famous ones, Professor Pi, deep in the morbidly sunshiney heart of the 60's, by Bob van den Dorn:


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