Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rock (c.1954-1970) is Dead

First off, let me just say - I love The Doors. Always have. Basically worshipped Jim Morrison all the way through middle school. I know he's kind of a dork, but the whole thing is just too nostalgic for me for me to go back on it now.

OK, now the story.

A long time ago, I had this roommate that always wanted to hear the mythical "lost song" by The Doors: Rock is Dead. At first, I really couldn't care less, but eventually I got sucked into it's significance because of its BOLD CLAIM (and it's unattainable status). So, when that box set got released back in the mid 90's we were all stoked to put it on. And - hard to say if it's disappointing -- or the greatest thing ever. If I were to describe it, it would be like basically the dying words of mullet-topped surfer who is slipping away from alcohol poisoning via fortified wine.

Ah, Jim Morrison. Will there ever be a rock star as flat-out gone as you? *sniff*

Anyway, I had the dubious pleasure of hearing this beast again yesterday, and I have to say. It's more unbelievable than I remembered. I found lyrics online. And they are stunning. Sometimes he tries to make something rhyme, but that's usually something like "gotta deep-dap-doo" with "love ya baby little lotta-gita-do."

Or, showing a literary side (with imaginary words), rhyming "cacitritions" with "impablermations."

Occasionally the rhyme get a tad, shall we say, forced: "Naked woman, out of doors, I don't care how loud you snore."


So, read on, dear reader. I wouldn't post it if it wasn't worth it:

Hi you lady... alright babe... gonna love ya...When I was just a little boy, 'bout the age of five I went to sleep, I heard my mama and papa talking - She said We got to stop that boy, he's gettin too far out, He's goin' wild, we gotta stop that child. And I lay there listening, feeling bad -You know, people, I was feeling bad. Mama didn't like the way I did my thing. The old lady, she didn't get with that thing. But my daddy was a sailor, get his head around, And he said Boy you got to do it son, get yourself intact, You gotta love love love love love my baby tonight. Let me tell you baby 'bout the death of rock, I used to be a boy in my home block, Used to feel alone then I heard some news, Bunch o'cats got the rockin' news. You know I love my rock'n'roll people, You know we got some fun, We gonna rock tonight, yeah c'mon... Rock and roll is dead. Rock and roll is dead, Must be something else instead. You got to lay right down and Die, die, die, die yeah...It's all over baby That's it We gotta go We had some good times But it's gone It's all over. I got a few things on my chest, I got to get 'em off...Now listen listen listen listen listen...Now I don't want to hear no talk about no revolution, And I swear to God I don't want to hear No talk about no constitution. And in my frame of mind I am in no mood for No talk about no... cremation. The only thing I'm interested in...I wanna have a good time. I don't wanna hear no talk about no riots, No demonstrations, no cacitritions, no impablermations. There's only one thing I want to see...That's some dancin' ! We're gonna have some fun ! We're gonna have a good time! Let's roll ! O boogie... all night long... yeah...Rocky little woman be my pal, Gonna be the fool, gotta deep-dap-doo, You gotta love, love, love ya baby little lotta-gita-do. Yeah c'mon...Yeah, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute Wait a minute ! Now listen here people ! I'm talkin' about the death of rock and roll, And who killed it. I'm talkin' about the blues. I'm talkin' about the news. Have you heard, have you heard, Have you heard the word ? Rock is dead. Rock is dead. Now I didn't want to be the one to lay it on ya sweetheart, But I used to be a little fellow traveller. I used to think we had the whole thing sewed up, mama. Then I realised, Rock and roll is dying, baby. I wanna see some fun ! I wanna see some hanging out ! I wanna see my people Non-political Arithmetical Transcendental Irathamadental Coolambindang bupalookanimbo... !Are you ready ? Are you ready ? Are you ready to sing the blues my baby ? Yeah, I like it real slow, I like it real bad, I like to get myself together I love to hear you get undressed - Naked woman, out of doors, I don't care how loud you snore. Sun goin' down, way out on the sea, Here she comes, little girl, gonna set me free. Alright c'mon, now... one more time...Yeah...Train a'ride - sixteen coaches long Train a'ride - sixteen coaches long Well I got my baby, Gonna get on the train and run, yeah...Well that big black train gonna get my baby, Big black train, Yeah the big black train gonna get my love, Gonna take her, gonna hug her, gonna... whoa !! Gonna love, love, love, love a dingo yeah...Big black train. Now when I got home, I heard my daddy say, You want a little piece ? Do you want a little peace ? Do you want a little soul ? Do you want a little soul ? I could not help myself, I could not help myself, I could not help ! Help ! Help ! I'm dyin' ! I'm dyin' ! I'm dyin' ! I'm die - die - digadigadoohdah whoa ! It's over ! It's over ! Have mercy ! Have mercy ! Have mercy on your poor son ! We had some good times. We had a few good times. But Those good little times - you know where they are ? They're absolutely, positively under the ground. And As long as I got breath, the death of rock Is the death of me, And rock is dead Well, we're dead... alright... yeah !...Rock Is Dead


Blogger Shannon said...

Dude, my mind is, like, totally blown and shit. Wow.

February 15, 2006 9:55 PM  
Anonymous Ben said...

Digadigadoohdah whoa indeed, my friend, digadigadoohdah whoa indeed.

February 20, 2006 2:42 PM  

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