Friday, November 24, 2006


As y'all know, having filters help ya seperate all the wheat from the chaffe. It's all about being discriminating. People usually go too far, however, and say lame stuff like "I don't like country" or "It's got a good beat so I can dance to it."

Sigh. That's missing the point.

Filters should help, not hinder your appreciation for music. Be a gourmet, not a picky eater. Filters should help you take the rough with the smooch... er, smooth.

Take this example. I long time ago, I was reading that Bob Mould had this "what's good and what's bad" thing all worked out. Something like, and pardon the paraphrase, "all the best music combines noise and good melody." And I agreed with the time. What an entirely limiting opinion! But it worked for me at the time, because that's about all I listened to in the early 90's.

God was I a dope.

Much more recently, I was taken to task on being a King Crimson fan, "How can you possibly put up with Greg Lake?" Which is a valid question... same as with a lot of things I like. Just kind of filter out the vocals and enjoy the rest. I love that early stuff, when they just go nuts and do whatever seemed possible to them at that stage. Unfortunately some of that stuff involved crappy lyrics and crappy singing, but I'm not gonna my records just because the dude went on to form ELP.

I mean, or as Karl Pilkington would say, what I mean is, don't be going and throw out the burger just 'cos you don't like the pickle.


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